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  • Leveraging digital cloud data to inform collections strategy

    For decades, financial services companies and other creditors have been leveraging third-party data sources to help inform risk and segmentation strategies. Traditional third-party data sources such as credit bureau, demographic, psychographic and purchase history have been very effective from new account acquisition to portfolio management and collections. These traditional data sources would be considered ‘dataDetail

  • Marketing to the subprime lender

    Marketers have been segmenting audiences for hundreds of years. Initially, demographics distinguished brands focused on gender-related offerings. Today, with big data, many firms deploying addressable advertising, web traffic-informed, programmatic marketing and machine-learning can design customized offers to individual consumers. In other words, segmenting to one. While the ability to ingest mass amounts of data hasDetail

  • Insurers: Get a jump on marketing opportunities to retain clients and win new ones

    Let’s face it, insurance carriers and agents are facing an uphill battle in terms of positive perceptions from the public. Insurance is something that most customers don’t see a benefit from until they have an actual claim. It seems like we spend our hard-earned money on premiums every year—and for what? But with advances in dataDetail

  • Direct response optimizer

    Direct mail marketing remains a staple of measured media. It fulfills strong calls to action, builds brands and sells products through the frequency of impressions. The aim is to synchronize offers, creatives and lists to maximize memorability, mindshare, and ultimately, response. That said, the medium has evolved little over the decades. As in other media,Detail

  • Addressable advertising

    For decades, advertisers have been able to target audiences and communicate to groups who have a similar interest through direct mail marketing. Over time, the relevancy of messaging has evolved with technology. Laser printing, for example, enables customized messaging to some extent. As digital advertising has emerged, it’s even more flexible as messaging can beDetail

  • The secret to best-in-class omni-channel orchestration

    The key to solving most marketing challenges is to develop the right strategy, the right offer, at the right time and to the right audience. Marketing decision makers agree (87%) that access to people-based data helps improve and address rising customer expectations, creates better decision making and grows revenue.  Many marketers have been enhancing theirDetail

  • A tidal wave of credit losses is coming–time to prepare with Creative Solutions!

    If recent earnings reports by the biggest banks are any indication, the worse is yet to come. “Six of the biggest lenders all expect heavy credit defaults and soured loans, as shown by their loan loss provisions, which jumped 43% from the already hair-raising totals in the first quarter to a combined $36 billion inDetail

  • Use Direct Mail to Enhance your Anonymous Website Visitor Retargeting

    Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, internet traffic has skyrocked by 25% to 30%1. While that may sound like good news to most businesses, it does come with some challenges. Mainly, on average, 98% of business website visitors stay anonymous2. To combat this, many marketers use digital retargeting. Digital retargeting using pixel-based technology isDetail

  • Proven strategies to improve your collection rates

    As long as debtors have been late with payments, collections activities have largely followed the same basic script: Ask nicely, ask forcefully, demand, threaten, charge-off. Most creditors rely on outbound calling strategies to do the heavy lifting and simply view their letter strategy as a compliance tool.

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