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About Us

At Creative Solutions, we offer:

Over a quarter century of industry-related experience and minimal learning curve, we get to work so clients get results fast.

Breakthrough, award-winning creatives beat controls consistently and significantly.

Delivering consistently high ROI and results for our clients.

Whatever it takes, whenever you need it.

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Use Direct Mail to Enhance your Anonymous Website Visitor Retargeting

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, internet traffic has skyrocked by 25% to 30%1. While that may sound like good news to most businesses, it does come with some challenges. Mainly, on average, 98% of business website visitors stay anonymous2. To combat this, many marketers use digital retargeting. Digital retargeting using pixel-based technology isDetail

Proven strategies to improve your collection rates

As long as debtors have been late with payments, collections activities have largely followed the same basic script: Ask nicely, ask forcefully, demand, threaten, charge-off. Most creditors rely on outbound calling strategies to do the heavy lifting and simply view their letter strategy as a compliance tool.

How geo-conquesting targets your competitors’ customers

Geo-conquesting is an excellent tool to identify and steal customers from your competitors. For online companies they can even weave in a social distancing advantage.  Geo-conquesting in mobile advertising that uses location-based mobile advertising to direct consumers toward a specific business when physically in a competitor’s location. Tracking the physical locations consumers visit can indicateDetail


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