Every business has a product or service offering that’s key to its marketing efforts. An offering is more than just a product or service, however. It should include elements that represent added value––such as availability, ease of use or delivery, technical support and quality customer service. Some examples might include a free guide, a sample, an e-book, a slideshow, case studies, industry research or a demo.

It’s important to understand your company offer and how it compares to the competition. A strong offer differentiates your product or service from the others.

For example, Uber recently announced a rewards program, which elevates its ride service above other modes of transportation. In the gaming industry, a rewards program is common, so, to be competitive, you’d need to make sure your rewards program is easily accessible and can be used to satisfy a variety of needs the customer didn’t realize they had.

An offer should have a few key ingredients:

  • It should be of high quality
  • Be valuable to your customers
  • Fulfill a need or interest

In the gaming industry example, perhaps it’s a rewards app that lets a guest arrange a ride home, or book a room using their points while they’re sitting at a poker table.

Secondly, an offer should align with your product or service. Although a free guide, for example, might not highlight your product, it should align with your paid offerings.

Lastly, an offer should target the correct buyer at the correct time with a strong call to action. A good marketing offer understands where a potential buyer is in the purchasing decision. Are they a new prospect looking for general information or are they ready to make a purchase?

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