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Use the media mix that’s right for your customers

Imagine your morning drive to work and you pass a billboard advertising a new credit card from a local bank. During lunch, you hear a radio ad for that same new credit card. The next day, you find an envelope in your mailbox offering that same credit card.

Drugs and direct-to-consumer advertising – the right prescription

In 1997 when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clarified ways pharmaceutical companies could meet what had previously been vague guidelines, the direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising boom for prescription drugs and medical devices was started. Some people may regret that day, especially hearing commercials listing the potential side effects of a particular drug. But it dramatically changed the way pharmaceutical companies sell their products.

Anatomy of a direct mail letter

It’s proven that direct mail works in today’s digital world. In fact, companies like Google, Apple and Verizon use direct mail. So, what goes into an effective direct mail package that these digital giants can rely on to deliver?

Credit Cards and Soap: Differences and Similarities

Credit cards and soap are both classified as commodities, but from a marketing perspective the similarities don’t extend much beyond that.

Soap is largely about the very expensive game of buying recognition and differentiation through brand advertising, product positioning and distribution. So in that space, the TUP Model applies: Volume can be influenced by the trial rate, user rate and package rate (Volume = Trial rate x User rate x Package rate).