Consumers are becoming increasingly addicted to their mobile phones. For instance, Americans look at their mobile devices, 52 times a day on average. It’s a habit that most people would like to reduce, but numbers show a different story. 1 

So how can marketers leverage this addicition? Well, short message service (SMS), or text marketing, is quickly becoming a favorite channel because of the highly receptive audiences, unmatched open rates, and results generated because they are delivered 24/7.  Statistics show that open rates can be as high as 98%. And the good news: there’s still time to get a leg up on your competition—almost 61% of marketers still don’t use SMS for marketing.2  

Given the immediacy of SMS, it should be used in a manner, which is engaging, brief and timely, and which provides customers with valuable offers, new product releases, or information that really matters. If you don’t strike the right balance, you may run the risk of customers opting-out and your marketable universe quickly dimishing.

Digital etiquette dictates you should only send text messages to someone who has given you permission to do so. Gaining and managing consent is an on-going process that must be managed very carefully so you don’t abuse the privilege. Providing an opt-out mechanism on every SMS is also required.

The capability literally allows you to send thousands of messages per second worldwide, but make sure you have the infrastructure to support two-way communications. Customers will expect the ability to text you back and receive an answer in a timely manner. Using branded short codes can increase memorability and response rates, which can be as high as 45%, so it’s important to manage your campaigns accordingly.2

Don’t wait too long to take advantage of this valuable channel. Statistics show that 73% of businesses expect their SMS marketing budgets to increase next year.Let Creative Solutions help you develop a test campaign. Call 302.543.8533 or email us today to explore how we can help you get control of SMS marketing for your business advantage.

1 Source: Deloitte’s 2018 Global Mobile Conusmer Survey

2 Source: The Daily Egg