Telemarketing has experienced significant challenges over the past 20 years from a number of pressures including cord-cutters migrating from home to mobile phones, call avoidance using Caller ID and other technologies, the National Do Not Call Registry, and an overall leeriness of consumers to purchase via outbound telemarketing.

Ironically, mobile phone growth has exploded within that same time span and people are more connected than ever before. So how can marketers leverage the phones that consumers have become addicted to without being too aggressive?

One answer is ringless voicemail drops. This is a relatively new channel that marketers are exploring with great success. This non-intrusive and cost-effective method uses a server to insert a voicemail message directly into a carrier’s voicemail system without ringing the actual phone.

Ringless voicemail allows you to reach a large number of consumers in a very short period of time. The system can deliver thousands of ringless voicemails per minute, allowing you to reach prospects/customers who would ordinarily ignore traditional telemarketing calls. Ringless voicemails are being utilized for a variety of use cases. Initial adopters used it for collections reminders and account notifications. Now marketers are exploring uses such as new account acquisition and existing customer cross-sell/up-sell. Messages can direct a consumer to a website or landing page, have them call an inbound contact center, visit a retail location or take a specific action like sending a payment.

Campaigns can be deployed using capabilities such as time zone identifiers, so voicemail drops are delivered at the appropriate time to increase response and call throttling in order to manage inbound response volume. The technology can be used on both mobile phones and digital landlines. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) defines ringless voicemails as an Enhanced Information Service since no phone call actually takes place. That said, proper etiquette mandates scrubbing your list against the National Do Not Call Registry.

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