who we are


  Leadership to the power of three.
Kevin B. Foley, Chairman & CEO
Kevin is our resident thrill seeker – always looking for exciting and effective new ways to refine brand management, lifestyle marketing, e-commerce, marketing and product development. He has breathed new life into the campaign efficiencies of financial services, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, insurance, and cable services companies. He lectures internationally about marketing and the financial services community, and served as an instructor for Visa Business School at Harvard and The Ohio State University.
  • Favorite Pastime: Adventure sports (kayaking, skiing, mountain biking)
  • Favorite Artist/Group: U2
  • Favorite Movie: Cinderella Man
  • Most Unusual Job: Jack-n-Jill Ice Cream Man

Kim M. Paternoster, President
Kim possesses an enviable skill set that runs the gamut from direct response and database marketing to strategic planning and electronic media advertising. Her passion for exacting specifications, direct response discipline and effective list procurement makes her the perfect resource for our results-minded clientele. With an extensive background in banking, investing, credit card marketing and e-commerce, Kim brings executive-level insight to every endeavor.

  • Favorite Pastime: Golf (She can beat Bill or Kevin with one arm tied behind her back)
  • Favorite Group: Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
  • Favorite Movie: Halloween
  • Most Unusual Job: Car Wash Attendant

William F. Keenan, Director
Marketing. Operations. Risk management. Even political consulting. If it has to do with effective business strategy, Bill’s your man. His Fortune 500 background and innovative perspective make him a frequent focus of trade and news publications and a featured speaker at business forums worldwide. He was a founding Board Member of the Smart Card Forum, and has held positions in a variety of Visa and MasterCard Operating and Marketing Committees. He is also a contributing author of Smart Cards: Seizing Strategic Business Opportunities.

  • Favorite Pastime: Scuba diving (even though he hates to be outdoors)
  • Favorite Artist/Group: Elvis Presley
  • Favorite Movie: The Matrix
  • Most Unusual Job: Manager of Lawn and Garden Department