what we do
"Creative Solutions has been a strategic partner since our inception. They have challenged traditional thinking and helped us test innovative programs, many industry firsts!"

Rich House
CompuCredit Corp.

  what we do
  The right audience at the right time.
List Procurement
We have extensive experience in both traditional and list procurement capabilities, including bureau extracts, compiled and vertical lists.
  • Once we clearly understand the demographic, psychographic or credit profiles of your customers or prospects, we work to build a list-testing strategy to improve your targeting and ROI.
  • We utilize comprehensive research methods and historic reporting systems to identify suitable lists and an effective testing strategy.

Media Planning
We’re obsessed with one of the key principles of direct response advertising: measurability. And we’ve helped deliver quantifiable results in broadcast, cable and satellite TV.

  • Most media planners talk in terms of how many eyes will see a DRTV spot. We think it’s more important to focus on profitability and ROI.
  • We track market data, select the best inventory for each campaign, and closely monitor performance. Then we refine the program to maximize the results.
  • Smart media buying requires a balance of hardnosed negotiation, knowledge, vision, and experience. Our team fits the bill perfectly.